Tuesday, January 21, 2014

REBIRTH - Experimental Film

At the high speeds of electric communication, purely visual means of apprehending the world are no longer possible; they are just too slow to be relevant or effective.

     In McLuhan’s writing, he mentions the linearity of space and time as presented by many mediums in our time. In my experimental film, “Rebirth”, I created a world where time is fluid and space is irregular. In the general scope of the film we follow the ending cycle of a life but come across the start of another. The film explores a theoretical examination into the realms of purgatory, the notion of an “in-between” and ultimately the concept of life after death.
     I decided to begin my approach with sound. I used several programs to mix together a soundscape, which I thought encompassed a mood that I could then express visually in the film.
Workflow in FL Studio of "Rebirth" Soundscape
Four types of audio generators used in track
Still frame of subject against green screen
Original stills of subject and location (unedited)
  Once the audio was complete, I turned my attention to the visual aspects of the film and drafted a plot, storyboarded some ideas, contacted an actor and filmed the sequence. Since the genre is “experimental” I didn't rely on pre-production planning as much as I normally do. However, I did want my images to fit and coexist with one another. I wanted the scenes to help the viewer through the journey of the character; with each moment they see, a larger picture becomes vivid.  


  1. Your video was extremely powerful. You clearly have knowledge of these programs. I loved your use of after effects and premiere. I enjoyed the story you have told. I look forward to seeing your next pieces.

    Thank you for explaining your process here on the blog. The walkthrough looks really complicated. I can't believe you had the patience to make this video!

    1. Ha! Thanks so much for your comment I'm really glad that you enjoyed the video!