Monday, April 13, 2015


Everyday Practices depend on a vast ensemble which is difficult to delimit but which we may provisionally designate as an ensemble of procedures. The latter are schemas of operations and of technical manipulations.” - The Practice of Everyday Life, De Certeau (p. 43) 

       Within my project I wanted to explore one of the everyday practices that transcends what Certeau notes as the issue with generalizing a vast ensemble. I wanted an everyday routine that everyone takes part in no matter who they are, where they come from, what they do or what they believe. I wanted a fundamentally human procedure but also wanted to find, within that universality, some form of variance or abstraction to explore. Exploring sleep became my focal point because it is something everyone must do to live, yet how we sleep and what happens when we sleep can differ from person to person or even from day to day.
       Sleep is a fascinating thing to me. I think that it is while we sleep that the beauty and power of our minds manifests itself. Dreams are windows to our vulnerability and show just how powerful our minds are. While we sleep and dream we are shown the weakness of our senses that can be tricked into believing things and events that are not real or have never happened. While we dreams our senses are tricked and it is only until we wake up that we realize that we were asleep the entire time. I wanted to explore this universal act in my video and show the progress of someone falling asleep and eventually entering a dream state.



  1. I love the lighting used 1:42.
    It's a very dreamy and dark piece.

  2. Incredible use of lighting! Never used - or even thought of utilizing - the Hurvis studio, but now I am convinced that I need to.

  3. Our connection with your subject is really interesting, because in reality, we see her very personally and as a whole, and during the dream sequence she's either fragmented by extreme close ups or impersonal long shots. Very well done!