Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lawton Hall

Meeting and observing Lawton Hall was an interesting experience because I felt connected to him even though he was a complete stranger. Knowing that he was an alumni was one thing but hearing his experience after Lawrence was what cemented my association with him. As a graduating senior, one of the things that seems the most daunting is the unplanned nature of life after Lawrence. Ever since I was a child I have been in a system that was planned and created for me. College was part of that system but life after college is up to me. Hearing Lawton’s experience on how his experience in Appleton started his career was refreshing and eye opening.
One of the things that spoke out to me most was the existence of artist residencies. The ability to work for your shelter but also have the time to work on your craft was really engaging. I will admit that the possibility of an artist residency spoke to me and I have begun to research the topic further. Lawton Hall’s visit was refreshing because he was an artist that was admittedly still figuring things out even as he presented his successes to us. I truly believe that he has the talent to do whatever it is that he wants. Having him admit he himself does not know every one of his next moves made it feel much more ok for me to embrace the unknowingness that I have been turning towards for the past couple months. Mystery is exciting.


  1. I totally relate to your statement about being "in a system that was planned and created for [you]." I stress out all the time about life after Lawrence and I'm still a sophomore! I'm sure you will find success after school, your films and theater work are amazing. If you end up trying an artist residency let us know what it is like!

  2. I think visiting arts are especially valuable to people like us whose unknown future is so near and relevant. I am there with you in that I too am unsure of what life after Lawrence is going to look like. It is important to treat this with excitement, though, instead of total fear. We are going to experience a freedom that we have truly never felt before and our options are endless. Woohoo!

  3. I definitely think that Hall's experience speaks to a lot of artists when they are also trying to find something to do with their lives.